Procedure of the orientation weeks in the summer term 2021

The online orientation weeks of the summer term 2021 will take place during the two weeks of March 29th to April 9th. The lectures will start at April 12th.

Due to the current situation the orientation weeks will take place online. We will use a Moodle course for information and updates. After successfull matriculation, you will be entered in this course automatically. Furthermore, a Discord server will be used for online group activities and the main part of the communication. You will find the invitation link in the Moodle course, too.

To have access to the Moodle course you have to activate your TU-ID. Please make sure to realise this early. To recieve important notifications reliably without any delay, you should also activate your student's mail adress or a redirection to your private adress. More information about the activation are provided on the central If you were not able to complete the activation until late March, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive the details about the orientation weeks.

Useful links

  • Moodle TU-Darmstadt (Update: You should be able to find the OWO-Course on your moodle starting page)

  • TUCaN

  • einfachsTUdieren: central webpage for general information, checklists etc. (Currently only in German, an English version will be provided soon)

    Overview of the different activities

  • Informative talks about the lectures, laboratories, and offers for students

  • Rounds of questions with other students

  • Smaller group activities

  • Digital games night

  • Mathematical introductory course (With separate Moodle course. You will be entered automatically, too)

  • Physics introductory course

    More Details (Dates, access to Discord etc.) will be provided via Moodle at the appropriate time. If you already have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Preliminary procedure of the summer term 2021

  • All lectures and exercise classes will be held online (starting April 12th)

  • The laboratory course ("Grundpraktikum") will take place regularly in attendance. This means that you will conduct experiments under guidance in the laboratory (once a week, about three hours).

    Orientation weeks in the summer term 2021

    The upcoming orientation weeks will take place from March 29th to April 09th 2021. The lectures of the summer term start on April 12th.


    Dennis Schorn
    5th Semester

    Emily Burbach
    6th Semester

    Felix Farsch
    6th Semester

    Hannah Müller
    2nd Semester

    Iris Dong
    5th Semester

    Katrin Katzenmeier
    7th Semester

    Leo Jung
    4th Semester

    Merle Seeger
    2nd Semester (Master)

    Noah Eizenhöfer
    3rd Semester (Master)

    Søren Berger
    10th Semester


    This semester's organization team consists of Dennis, Emily, Felix, Hannah, Iris, Katrin, Leo, Merle, Noah, Philipp and Søren. You can address your questions directly to them via e-mail.

    We are looking forward to meeting you (online)!

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    Die Sitzungen finden jeden Dienstag um 17:15 auf Jitsi statt.

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