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About the "Fachschaft"

The "Fachschaft Physik" is a kind of Students Council. Our members are Physics students from first-year to PhD. We represent the Physics students in numerous committees. In addition, we provide a number of services, including but not limited to


Please feel free to drop us an email or drop by our meetings ("Fachschaftssitzung", schedule in the right pane of this page).

The International Student´s Short Guide to the Darmstadt Physics Department

We created a guide for incoming exchange students on the department webpage.


Fachschaft Physik

Hochschulstraße 12
64289 Darmstadt

Am besten sind wir per E-Mail zu erreichen.


Im Sommersemester 2022 finden die Sitzungen dienstags um 17:15 Uhr in S207/267 statt.

Mehr Informationen dazu hier


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