Minutes of Examinations

The Fachschaft collects minutes of oral examinations for other students to borrow. This way, you can prepare yourself better for your own exams. You can borrow a folder for 20€. You will receive 10€ for returning lent folders and another 10€ for handing in your own minutes. If you want to hand in your minutes, you need to send it via email to pruefungsprotokolle@fachschaft.physik.tu-darmstadt.de and also print it out a few times. The deadline for returning is one month.


Master Exams

We collect minutes for the in-depth courses, but not for the special and elective courses. There are folders for each specialisation:

  • B Physics and Technology of Accelerators
  • F Condensed Matter Physics
  • H High Energy Density in Matter
  • K Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics
  • O Modern Optics


Fachschaft Physik

Hochschulstraße 12
64289 Darmstadt

Am besten sind wir per E-Mail zu erreichen.

Twitter Account: @FachschafPhysik


Im Sommersemester 2023 finden die Sitzungen mittwochs um 17:15 Uhr in S207/267 statt.

Mehr Informationen dazu hier


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